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Trade Finance

The Sydney Branch provides a comprehensive suite of trade finance products and services that are customised to particular business needs for Chinese and Australian businesses. These businesses also have access to our trade finance specialists and our global resource network including the Bank’s strong customer base and extensive distribution network in Mainland China.

Import Services:

L/C Issuance, Back-to-Back L/C, Inward Bills Collection and Import Bills Finance.

Export Services:

L/C Advising, L/C Confirmation, L/C Transfer, Outward Bills Collection, Packing Loan, Export Bills Finance and Forfaiting.

Bank Guarantee:

Standby L/C, Performance Guarantee, Payment Guarantee, Bid Bond, Advance Payment Refund Guarantee and Shipping Guarantee.

Cross Border RMB Trade Finance Services:

Dual-Currency Letter of Credit, Import Refinance (including Same-Currency/Cross-Currency), Export Bills Discounting under RMB L/C (including Same-Currency/Cross-Currency), RMB NRA Forfeiting, and SBLC-backed Loan.

Products and Services for Financial Institutions:

Refinancing, Risk Participation, and Avalization.